About the Maker

Rebecca Park has always been a creative and hard working person. She grew up inspired by the land and the sea and all that they provide, in her native Newfoundland, Canada. She has always had a passion for and natural ability to create and design textile art.

She started her journey as a maker when she crafted her first pair of slippers for her then 7 month old son in 2012. She was driven by the best reason that could possibly inspire a mother – his feet were cold! She noticed that the footwear available for him at the time didn’t fit his feet properly and kept falling off. After dressing her son in his new prototype slippers, she noticed not only were his feet warm, he was also a much more contented baby – a true gift to a mother.

Rebecca couldn’t help but notice that there were other mothers struggling with the same issues, and many of her friends were asking her to make their children slippers. And so it was that Wullyz was born. Since it’s launch, Rebecca has had a lot of success selling her baby slippers at a local farmer’s market in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, as well as on-line.

Since mastering slippers, she became increasingly fascinated with working with leather, so in early 2017 she embarked on an incredible adventure and learning opportunity. Largely self taught to that point, she enrolled in an accelerated 4 month program at the Academia Riaci in Florence, Italy to learn the art of handbag making from skilled and experienced local artisans. It was during this program that she learned how to deconstruct, measure, re-construct and design handbags, and hone her sewing skills. After completing this training and earning her Bag Making Degree, Rebecca launched her EVR Leather line that includes handbags and other small leather accessories.

In addition to her Wullyz and EVR Leather lines, Rebecca is always inspired to take on custom leather projects for clients. She feels problem solving through one-off designs helps her to continue to hone her skills as well as feed her imagination and curiosity. It’s the diversity in her work that keeps it exciting for her.

Rebecca’s keen attention to detail and continual drive for excellence in design propels her to develop new products, and perfect existing ones in both the EVR Leather and Wullyz lines.

Although she is sometimes inspired by seeing other creative designs, her main inspiration comes as a visual picture when she studies raw materials, such as a textured piece of leather. She describes her design studio as a ‘place for peace and play’ and finds creating her products there incredibly therapeutic to both mind and body.

Rebecca is passionate about creating exceptional quality, simple products that are constructed well, using fine materials and even finer craft skills. She loves nothing more than thinking about how her products enhance the lives of her customers and their families, and hopes that the items they purchase are used, loved, broken in and helpful to them for many, many years.