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These beautifully hand crafted one of a kind slippers are made with ultra soft 100% wool and a sheepskin inner liner for comfort and warmth.
The reinforced 100% full grain leather soles are made from extremely durable, wear tested leather and are designed to provide long lasting comfort while your child grows. These adorable shoes will contour to the shape of the foot while allowing a natural soft step. Elastic at the ankle makes them easy to put on and take off, and most importantly helps them stay on active little feet!
* Some leather trims and lacing may vary slightly


*** Limited Sizes and Styles ***


Sizing Chart

SizeInchesAge Average
25.5"1 YR - 2 YR
36"2 YR - 3 YR
46.5"3 YR - 4 YR
56.5"3 YR - 4 YR

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2, 3, 4, 5


Blue Pink, Mulberry, Grape, Grey Black, Tulip, Oceans Blue, Summit Grey, Razberry Pink, Blue Grey, Coco Brown


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