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These beautifully hand crafted one of a kind slippers are made with ultra soft 100% wool and a sheepskin inner liner for comfort and warmth. Natural wool is a miracle fibre in that it:

• Repels moisture • Retains shape • Resists soiling and • Is comfortable in all seasons

The reinforced 100% full grain leather soles are made from extremely durable, wear tested leather and are designed to provide long lasting comfort while your child grows. These adorable shoes will contour to the shape of the foot while allowing a natural soft step. Elastic at the ankle makes them easy to put on and take off, and most importantly helps them stay on active little feet!

Tailor designed and created by a mom who understands the importance of the developmental milestones of baby’s first steps, these slippers are ideal for children on the go.

* Some leather trims and lacing may vary slightly

** Please note that only NB sizes “0” does not have the leather trim base.


Sizes Available

SizeInchesAge Average
04.5"0-3 MOS
15"3 MOS - 1 YR
25.5"1 YR - 2 YR
36"2 YR - 3 YR
46.5"3 YR - 4 YR

Additional information


0, 1, 2, 3, 4


Purple Grape, Rainbow, Cream/Beige Trim, Beige/Cream Trim, Grey/Cream Trim, Sock Monkey Grey


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